Lexie n Paul Post Wedding

In my world as a wedding photographer, emotions are the most important thing. My hope is simple - Many years down the road, I want to evoke a visceral response through my images. Crying is good, laughing is good.

Lexie and Paul are from HK and wanted to capture their post wedding images in Singapore. Spontaneity is the best word to describe them and I do not know what they might surprise me with in the next frame. As you scroll through the album, you will feel that dynamic mood of the photoshoot.

Baby Hannah

In the past, I have turned down all newborn photoshoots because I am apprehensive of my ability to fulfill the project. Through these few weeks of trying and learning this new genre, slowly I have developed my style of capturing newborn images and interpreting it. I have also realised the beauty in newborn photography is not about the poses, not about the smiles, not about the props/backgrounds. The beauty is in the bonds between the parents and their babies. Taking those images, freezing that moment, reveals how beautiful these relationships truly are. 

There is this warmth and joy whenever I observe them handle Hannah. Every time Lydia handles Hannah, there is this inevitable smile that she will have on her face. Every time Kin Yip speaks about Hannah, I could see the twinkle in his eyes. Deep down, I knew this is what I need to photographed and interpret through my images. 

Baby Caleb

The moment I saw Caleb, I can't help but exclaimed to myself (softly): "Why so cute?" Fortunately, Caleb gave me 15-20mins before he rewards me with his mighty roars!