Wayne n Joanna Actual Day

Wayne and Joanna wedding is literally "overseas" wedding. The journey is via boat and is 3 hours from Singapore. Everyone is rewarded with a Maldives-like experience as the beach is absolutely gorgeous! To top this up, the glow from the sunset during the solemnisation is just magical! 

The second day's dinner was held in CHIJMES which is nuff said - BEAUTIFUL!!! The decoration, architecture and everything is perfect for weddings. I am so in love with this location for wedding. 

Wing n Grace PreWedding

This was a very interesting shoot as all the locations were handpicked by the clients with nostalgic reasons.

After spending a day with them, I begin to understand that knowing your clients is very important to a photoshoot. Somehow that knowledge draws out a certain feeling and with that you can work out even more intimate portraits.  

Towards the end of the shoot, I suggested a unique shot in the dark. It was complete darkness and just a simple flash to lit the back.