Peter n Dawn Actual Day

It’s been awhile since I post and I apologise if this blog has not been updated for awhile. The truth is - I have really been busy with various projects and finding time to blog has become increasingly hard.

Peter and Dawn's was one unique wedding – a celebration surrounded by close family and friends. It’s also the first time I witness a wedding that was decorated in a succulent theme, it seemed so surreal.

So here’s what I remember. I remember a glorious sunrise, golden hues of morning sun set against the gown, succulent flowers and the excited chatter in the morning. I remember the laughter when the kids walked down the aisle. I remember the beautiful arch of greens where Peter and Dawn sat patiently. I remember the tears and laughter during the moving speech. And I remember the hugs and kisses, oh.. there were so many of them that day.

Each wedding seems to leave me a sort of refresh new energy and beautiful memories. Thank you for letting me be part of this intimate celebration – it will never be appreciated enough.

Firdaus n Ayu Actual Day

This is my first time covering a Malay-Indian wedding. The ceremony and culture is completely new for me and very intriguing. One thing you will notice is the huge array of colors used for the decorations. On top of that, the jewellery and makeup is also different. This wedding is most probably the one that has the most details and colors.