The start of a new beginning!

Phuket Pre-wedding


Today marks my last day with The Asian Banker. Saying goodbye was difficult as the people whom I have worked with have slowly become my family. I am blessed with an extraordinary boss who provided me with opportunities to explore and learn..

I have decided to be a full-time wedding photographer, a decision I have been struggling with every day as I refuse to face the truth. For the past 2 years, I have been shooting weddings. I’m not really sure how many I have shot, at one point of time I just stopped counting. My style has slowly evolved to be more focused on capturing the emotions between the couple and their relationship. Every wedding always leaves me moved, touched and feeling stronger for being part of something so intimate. I am honoured to be responsible for capturing those memories for them to remember and cherish.

When I first started in 2013, my goal was to photograph 10 weddings that year. I exceeded that goal and now I don’t have such goals anymore. I find it meaningless as I’m not doing this for the money nor to become famous. I genuinely don't care about winning awards or to be listed in magazines and publications. There’s already too much comparison in this industry. I’m hoping that instead of following the norm, my photography will help make a change in the world, no matter how big or small, to make a positive difference in the people I photograph.