Chong Qing Spicy Noodle

A photo story of a chef's passion. 

75 Ah Balling

My journey has brought me to a household favourite - 75 Ah Balling which has been around for 60+ years.

Aunty and Uncle have retired and handed the the business to Alvin. Aunty is a solemn and camera-shy so I was really fortunate that she allowed me to capture some images of her in action. On the other hand, Uncle is super friendly and always wearing a smile.

I will never forget what Alvin told me: "This little ah balling has sustained our family for 3 generations." It is worth noting that sometimes the simple things could have the biggest impact on our lives.

I have received many PMs about this project and I am making arrangements to capture more images.

Peanut Pancake

Deep down I want to do something for these food stores of that era. It is my desire to freeze down these moments of our Singapore culture. I have been running around SG collecting a bunch of photos and will continue on this little project of mine.

Uncle has been around for more than 20 years and he is kind and generous at the first approach. He even offered me free pancakes when he saw me photographing him (secretly). He requested that I don't publicise about his store as he feels bad when he has to tell customers "sold out". At around 2PM, I saw many customers walking away empty handed.


Do let me know if you any fav food stores to recommend and I would definitely drop by to take some photos.