Eugene n Lynn Ern Actual Day

Eug and Lynn went on a road-trip type of pre-wedding photoshoot with me in Lake District (UK) which involved the whole family as well. It was from this trip where I became more than friends with the whole family! So many memories which I hold so dearly from that trip. This is the first time I document a "wet-pool" gatecrash. This is the first time I document the groom unveiling before the pastor said so. This is the first time I document a wedding where the pastor is the bride's father. This is also the first time I document a record staggering of 700 people at the wedding dinner. So many first times for this weddings - the numerous emotions - hugs, tears and joy.

The speech brought tears to many present during the church ceremony as their relationship started since childhood and involved several tests and trials. What majesty and mystery, the God of all eternity decided to bring these two wonderful individuals together. Here and now, I am thankful to be part of such a beautiful celebration. 

My portfolio contains many images because I am not a photographer but a storyteller. For every wedding, I weaved everything together with the things I experienced and witness. A great wedding comes together with numerous images not 1 great image. I would like you to experience this wedding story with the images and video below. 

Jon n Christl Actual Day

This might possibly be the most heart-warming wedding that I covered for this year. I met Christl at church camp 3 years ago and that was coincidentally the time when I first started photography. Jon is a man of big heart and so full of love and talent!!! He surprised Christl at the wedding with his exceptional singing skills. *It was phenomenal*

On the day of the wedding, there were just so many hugs and kisses. Tears and congratulations from so many people. Truly beautiful.

I am so grateful to God for guiding me over these past years. Its like slowly seeing his handiworks unfold before my eyes. And with each wedding, I feel that surge in my level of energy for the next one!!!