Eugene n Lynn Ern Actual Day

Eug and Lynn went on a road-trip type of pre-wedding photoshoot with me in Lake District (UK) which involved the whole family as well. It was from this trip where I became more than friends with the whole family! So many memories which I hold so dearly from that trip. This is the first time I document a "wet-pool" gatecrash. This is the first time I document the groom unveiling before the pastor said so. This is the first time I document a wedding where the pastor is the bride's father. This is also the first time I document a record staggering of 700 people at the wedding dinner. So many first times for this weddings - the numerous emotions - hugs, tears and joy.

The speech brought tears to many present during the church ceremony as their relationship started since childhood and involved several tests and trials. What majesty and mystery, the God of all eternity decided to bring these two wonderful individuals together. Here and now, I am thankful to be part of such a beautiful celebration. 

My portfolio contains many images because I am not a photographer but a storyteller. For every wedding, I weaved everything together with the things I experienced and witness. A great wedding comes together with numerous images not 1 great image. I would like you to experience this wedding story with the images and video below. 

Darren n Michelle Actual Day

I known Mich since JC and have lost contact since then. Fortunately, Facebook connected both of us and we got in touch. She chose a unique location for the wedding day and kept the celebration cosy and small. Darren is a fella photographer too and was intrigued with my Fuji setup. Taking photos for another photographer is always stressful. 

We were met with 2 "hiccups" from up above during the day. Just before the outdoor shoot, dark clouds were looming above us and started to rain. When we reached the location, the rain cleared and we continued w the photoshoot. Similarly, this occurred just before the ceremony and cleared up really quickly. So thankful to God for clearing the way for the couple! 

Fuji X


Gear in photo:
10-24mm f4
35mm f1.4
56mm f1.2

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or influenced by Fujifilm to write any bias reviews. This is done independently by me and based on my own personal opinions. I am not going into very technical details or pixel peep and will give you a review from my real life experience with the camera.

For the last 2 months, I have been thinking about a solution for a lighter camera load. This idea came about because of several reasons:

  1. After a whole day of wedding coverage, my back hurts.
  2. Troublesome when doing overseas assignment.
  3. I like to bring only the necessary gear for an assignment. 

This sparked my extensive research for a new solution which landed me on Fujifilm X series cameras. I had 4 personal prerequisites for it to work during my wedding assignments. 

  1. Camera handling and controls
  2. Focusing capability
  3. Noise control
  4. Image quality

My verdicts will be based on "Good, Neutral and Bad". All benchmarked against my Nikon setup.

Camera handling and controls
Before contacting Fujifilm, I went down to the Fuji studio at Funan twice to test the controls of both the X-T1 and X-T10. I am very particular about handling because it affects the speed that I work. I don't like accessing menu to change a setting. Both cameras were able to handle that except X-T10 which doesn't have a dedicated ISO dial. (A small issue) Changing focus points was like my Nikon and was instantaneous on the back-selector pad. Back button focusing can be setup so everything else was just an issue of habit. 
Verdict: Good 

Focusing capability
During a wedding, we are thrown into an array of situations from very low light to good light. My main concern is low light focusing. I have run a small test last night on the street at night and everything is performing very fast. Fuji has evolved from their old models with the focusing performing very good. However, I am reserving my opinions about this till I do a few more test runs on the street. 
Verdict: Pending

Noise control
Coming from a full frame camera to a crop sensor, this becomes an issue. Thus far, the images that I took last night ranging from ISO3200 to 6400 were quite clean. I will need a few more test runs to give a stronger verdict. 
Verdict: Pending

Image quality
After one night of street photography with this camera, I am blown away by the performance of the glass and sensor. Just superb image quality! The JPEGs are usable and impressive. Having used a Nikon for years, I struggled to use the JPEG as it was just terrible. Thus any projects that require fast turn around becomes an issue. I have tried many different permutations and settings but still didn't like the Nikon JPEG output. 
Verdict: Good

I will need to use the camera extensively over the next few weeks in order to give a better opinion. I prefer using it in real life to let me understand the limitation of the camera. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting images taken from the camera to let everyone have a better feel of the camera. Huge thank you to Fujifilm Singapore for the gear!