Samuel n Esther Actual Day

The people whom we surround ourselves reflect our characters and that was what I witness for myself with Sam and Esth. Both of whom emitting that infectious joyful vibe during the actual day. One thing which many will be envious will be this invisible strong connection between both of them. They were both good friends to each other, spouse and lovers. Sam was the romantic one with his awesome singing and touching speech. On the other hand, Esther has a stern attitude which softens around Sam. 

The memory which had the deepest impact on me was the "You may kiss the bride" moment. After Sam unveils Esther where he was supposedly to kiss her, he didn't. They hugged. And it was a long hug with the crowd slowly quietening down. The audience seems to be immersing in their special moment of saying "I do" to each other. One of the most beautiful moments I ever experience as a wedding photographer.

A huge part of my work involves discovering such special connections and documenting it down quietly. I am eternally grateful to God and my clients for allowing me into their most intimate moments.