Fiasco about wedding photography

Many should have heard of the recent fiasco regarding the bad wedding photos shared by Jaclyn Ying on her Facebook which has over 20k shares (at this point of writing). It gained the media attention and garnered comments from many blogs. This recent incident sheds a huge truth about the wedding industry which I struggle to tell many. I struggle because any of my comments would appear as selling my services. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts and experience which should serve as a good caution for couples paying for wedding packages. 

Let's get some facts of the story:

  • 3k or so for the whole wedding package - gowns, AD wedding photography and makeup services
  • $350 was paid to the AD photographer

I have always believe that there are different tier of clients and do not judge people who use budget photographers. Getting married involves spending a bomb and I am pretty sure not everyone can afford expensive photographers. More importantly, clients' expectations should be matched properly to their budget. In this case, fault lies with the studio for misleading the couple into thinking that they will get good wedding photos from their "talent pool". 

Always go to different studio to compare the prices and package before signing up. If something seems too good to be true, then it most probably will screw up. Be skeptical and ask loads of questions. One good way to figure out what you are paying for...learn the ala carte pricing of the different items. How much does a make-up session cost? How much does gown/suit rental cost? All these pricing are transparent on the internet and could help to ascertain the true value of the package vs savings.