Madeline Family Studio Portraits

A.Mad wanted some studio portraits of the family. She came in all prepared w the previous poses which they did. Little did she know that I would break that tradition and give her some new ideas.

Max n Marie Family Photoshoot

Bonjour! Max and Marie are from France and moved to Singapore for work. Coincidentally, I just came back from my holiday in Paris and it was fun chatting with them about it. Louise has such gorgeous blue eyes that they look unbelievable! 

Usually I do my projects with the aim to of letting my clients be ease and just grab pictures in the most lifestyle manner possible. Hope you enjoy the set of pictures!


Grace n Joshua Family Photoshoot

I have known Grace for about 3 years and the thing that brought us talking was cameras. I remember when I first met her was at a Christmas party. She was holding a camera and taking pictures and that was how we got to know each other. 

Interestingly, I was also her photographer for her AD wedding and now family. As I continue on my photography journey, I am blessed to not only be doing what I do, but to witness how my friends slowly grow into starting their families. 

Hannah is an adorable and cheeky girl who emanates this joy to people around...can't even begin how much I enjoyed the photoshoot with them. The photos does bring a smile everytime I see it. Hope you enjoy it too!