Note to self

I have not updated this blog for many months. I decided to do a weekly update - this blog post serves as a reminder to myself. There would be thoughts about photography or life issues. Hope that this will bring back the life. 


Chong Qing Spicy Noodle

A photo story of a chef's passion. 

75 Ah Balling

My journey has brought me to a household favourite - 75 Ah Balling which has been around for 60+ years.

Aunty and Uncle have retired and handed the the business to Alvin. Aunty is a solemn and camera-shy so I was really fortunate that she allowed me to capture some images of her in action. On the other hand, Uncle is super friendly and always wearing a smile.

I will never forget what Alvin told me: "This little ah balling has sustained our family for 3 generations." It is worth noting that sometimes the simple things could have the biggest impact on our lives.

I have received many PMs about this project and I am making arrangements to capture more images.